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Cultural Development

Africa has a rich cultural heritage that needs to be tapped into and enriched, particularly in this modern era where African cultural values are slowly being eroded. Kikwetu Foundation strongly believes that our African culture has the potential to be exploited for the betterment for society and through this program, is focused on ensuring that these cultural values are promoted and encouraged.

Youth Empowerment

The youth form the majority of Kenyan society yet most are disillusioned due to the pervasive lack of employment and business opportunities in the country. Through this program, Kikwetu Foundation seeks to provide opportunities and forums which will allow the youth to nurture their unique talents and capabilities all towards the achievement of their economic empowerment.

Empowerment of the Girl Child

Despite the rise of feminism and the resultant gains that were accrued, the girl child still remains as a disadvantaged segment of society, particular in rural and slum areas. FGM, early marriage, child labour, sexual abuse and low education levels are all ills that plague the girl child and Kikwetu Foundation is determined to help as many girls and young women to overcome these challenges.


A major challenge in society is the lack of mentorship opportunities and role models for young people. Through this mentorship program, Kikwetu Foundation desires to act as a bridge between mentees and mentors, assisting young professionals to learn from the best in their specific field of work.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

At the heart of Kikwetu Foundation is the desire to improve the economic standards of the community and this can be achieved through the promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation. The organization therefore seeks to use this program as vehicle to drive entrepreneurial and innovative exploits