1. Tambua Tour

This initiative targets students in high school and universities/ college and focuses on skills improvement, counselling, mentorship programmes, career talks, life after school, talent nurturing, the arts and celebrating African culture. This initiative has a movement dubbed ‘Tambua Secondary School Mentorship Talks.’ It is the flagship event under the Kikwetu Chuo banner and is a series of bimonthly talks in secondary schools and campuses throughout Africa. The aim of these talks is to provide mentorship to high school and university students by motivating and empowering them. In the current modern society characterised by absentee parents and an ever-increasing breakdown of the family unit and moral fabric of society, many young people lack proper role models in their lives and this leads to all manner of identity crises and delinquencies. To counter this, Kikwetu Foundation seeks to use the ‘Tambua Secondary School Mentorship Talks’ as a tool for mentoring the youth into becoming positive and productive citizens of our nation.

2. Caravan of Love

Kikwetu Foundation is very passionate about charity and giving back to the community. Caravan of Love is the main vehicle through which our charitable objectives are achieved. It is an initiative which is focused on alleviating the conditions of destitute children though charity with the main aim of creating hope for children, boosting their skills, enhancing their education and sharing love with them. Among the ventures in this initiative include visiting children’s homes, children’s wards in hospitals, and visiting primary schools in poverty-stricken areas.

3. I Lead Africa:

Kikwetu Foundation will be holding an annual event known as I lead Africa Summit (ILA Summit) which will be geared towards helping to improve the lives of African youth. This initiative deals with the empowerment of young people within the areas of leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation, information technology, food security and investment among others. It is a platform where the youth will be able to showcase their skills as well as gain more knowledge from their peers and seniors.

4. The Hobnob:

‘The Hobnob’ is a concept developed by Kikwetu Foundation whose goal is to provide an exciting and unique avenue for Kenyan youth to interact with each other. Hobnob is an English word that means to associate or interact.’ In keeping with the name, therefore, the purpose of the event is to bring together urbane singles and young professionals in a hip, fun and entertaining environment to socialize, network, be entertained and learn from the various guest speakers who periodically grace the event to provide knowledge on a number of areas relevant to the youth such as career advice, entrepreneurship, nutrition and fitness, and relationships among others.

6. Identity Conference:

This is a Christian youth conference whose target audience is school leavers, teenagers and students in tertiary institutions. The vision of the Identity Conference is to help inculcate within the youth a sense of true identity of themselves founded upon Biblical principles, promote Christian fellowship for educated Christian youth as well as enhance Christian growth, commitment and service. Our Mission is therefore to reach out to the youth, equip them for service, encourage a spirit of excellence so as to positively impact the current and future generation.

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